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LUCION, Robbie Stevenson
- 14/10/2021 17:41:23
@Hector Chavez

En NOTABASE - Hay una comunicad en DISCORD.

Here's the schema for the subscriptions table:

id uuid NOT NULL DEFAULT uuid_generate_v4(),
user_id uuid NULL,
stripe_customer_id text NOT NULL,
stripe_subscription_id text NOT NULL,
plan_id plan_id NOT NULL,
subscription_status subscription_status NOT NULL,
current_period_end timestamptz NOT NULL,
cancel_at_period_end bool NOT NULL DEFAULT false,
frequency billing_frequency NOT NULL DEFAULT 'monthly'::billing_frequency,
And the enums:
CREATE TYPE plan_id AS ENUM ('basic', 'pro');
CREATE TYPE subscription_status AS ENUM ('active', 'inactive');
CREATE TYPE billing_frequency AS ENUM ('monthly', 'annual');

Can you please share the description of users and (perhaps) notes? I am getting another column missing now

"content" jsonb NOT NULL DEFAULT (('[ { "id": "'::text || uuid_generate_v4()) || '", "type": "paragraph", "children": [{ "text": "" }] } ]'::text)::jsonb,
title citext NOT NULL,
user_id uuid NOT NULL,
id uuid NOT NULL DEFAULT uuid_generate_v4(),
created_at timestamptz NOT NULL DEFAULT now(),
updated_at timestamptz NOT NULL DEFAULT now(),

id uuid NOT NULL,
subscription_id uuid NULL,
note_tree jsonb NULL,